MARATHON Swing Hanger Review

You may have noticed that a lot of hanging chairs don’t really come with the hanging hardware included. That’s not entirely a bad thing though. It’s often because the hammock chair manufacturer doesn’t really know how you plan to hang the chair up, so you’re free to choose whichever option you want. But if you’re going to use the hammock swing indoors or on your covered porch, then you may want to think about the MARATHON Swing Hanger.

MARATHON Swing Hanger

The Marathon Swing Hanger is a very popular piece of hanging hardware for hammock seats. In fact, it can be used for a variety of items that you need to hang up. These may include swings, rope ladders, and punching bags.

Features of MARATHON Swing Hanger

So what’s in store for you with the Marathon Swing Hanger? Here are the features to expect:

  • You have the option to get the Premium zinc-plated unit or the more expensive Stainless Steel sea water-proofed (AISI 316) version.
  • The AISI 316 version measures 100 by 10 mm and usable for the 7/16-inch Carabiner. It meets ASTM safety standards, with EN 71 for residential use and EN 1176 for commercial use.
  • The zinc-model is great too, as it runs very quietly and smoothly.
  • You really don’t have to do anything especial to keep it properly maintained.
  • It’s rated to support 275 pounds (although 300 pounds may be tolerable). It’s been shock-proofed for 2,200 pounds. It comes with built-in overload protection.
  • It has an extra ball-bearing swivel on the mount.
  • It supports movements for forward and backward, while it limits the side to side movement. This is true even if you just get one for your hammock chair instead of two.
  • It has two attachment points. It’s recommended that you use large washers with the heavy duty screws.

Pros and Cons

This is another example of German engineering excellence.

  • It’s very easy to install. Just get the screws and washers, and the drill bit you need.
  • It is very tough. Everything here is stainless steel, without any sort of plastic component that may break. That’s often the weakest point of these things. Even the carabiner that comes with it is made from heavy solid steel, and not aluminum. All in all, it’s built like a tank—a Panzer tank, if you will.
  • The shock load rating is crucial and it means it can tolerate use for heavy punching bags. This lets the bag move a little from side to side, so you can get a more dynamic workout.
  • It’s really great for your hammock chair. Since it’s virtually shockproof, you won’t have to worry when kids just on them when they get too exuberant.
  • It allows for very smooth movement no matter what. There’s really no friction and erosion of materials to worry about.
  • Back and forth motion is also very quiet. You don’t have to endure those annoying squeaks that you often encounter with other hanging hardware.
  • It’s maintenance-free. It comes with its own rustproof treatment, so you don’t have to do anything. You won’t have to clean it periodically to make it move more smoothly or more quietly.

There still may be some issues with it, though:

  • The main directions aren’t in English.
  • This limits lateral side to side action, but kids may persist. This won’t damage the swing hanger, but it can result in some annoying squeaking.
  • You may need a big 6-sided star bit to screw in the screws that may come with your purchase.

Conclusion: MARATHON Swing Hanger

When you get the Marathon Swing Hanger, you hang your hammock swing loop at the top on the hook. The hook then swings to and fro from the support beam or ceiling. This means you don’t have your rope going to and fro on anything that can end up fraying your hanging rope.

With this, kids can go forwards and backwards on the hammock chair for extended periods of time without bothering you if you’re nearby. These swings won’t make a sound at all. It will make a sound when the chair goes sideways, but then again nobody really enjoys that kind of side to side movement.

Use this if you really want a secure place to hang your hammock chair. It’s just better than many of your other options. It’s affordable, easy to set up, very tough, and silent. Now you don’t have to worry that your hanging hardware will fail.

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