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La Siesta Lori Lilly – The Hammock Chair Review

The La Siesta Lori Lilly is touted as an organic hammock chair for children. The “organic” term comes from the use of organic materials include GOTS-certified cotton and FSC-certified bamboo, among others. The hammock chair, if the manufacturer’s claims about the use of organic materials are true, is fair to both the environment and humans.


Magic Cabin’s Rocking Hammock Chair – Review

What do you get when you cross a rocking chair with a hammock? You get Magic Cabin’s Rocking Hammock! This is a two-in-one product that delivers good value for the money and, thus, should be on your next shopping list. Notable Features of Rocking Hammock Chair The shape of the rocking / hammock chair for kids


Frog Holding Hanging Pod

The HappyPie Frog Folding Hanging Pod Swing Seat is one of the few hammock chairs that can accommodate an adult and a child. Parents, even grandparents, who want a hammock chair wherein they can spend quality time with the young ones in the family will love it. Notable Features Frog Holding Hanging Pod Let’s first take


Bubble Chair Without Hanging

Bubble chairs are among the iconic pieces of furniture in contemporary society for many reasons. These chairs were originally designed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio in 1968 and, 50 years later, are as popular as ever. This isn’t surprising as these chairs have a simple yet sophisticated design with a Space Age feel, as well


Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – and the best way to make expensive products more affordable, too. This is the case with the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair (White), a piece of designer furniture that most average American households can afford. The hanging bubble chair is manufactured by Tribeca Modern. Of course, an original


Fine Mod Imports FMI1122 in white and black

Fine Mod Imports FMI1122 (Black and White) doesn’t sound like a chic name for a piece of furniture. But don’t dismiss it just because of its uncool name! The bubble chair is a chic, comfortable and cozy furniture that will blend well with virtually all décor themes, whether it’s in a rustic cabin or an


Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope Hammock Chair

Among hammocks as in most consumer price, the rule about price and quality tends to apply. The rule is simple: if it’s too cheap, then the quality must be cheap as well. However, that doesn’t quite hold true for the Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope hammock chair—if you understand what it really is for. What


FCH Outdoor Air Deluxe Review

Some hammock chairs give off this vibe of colonial times, don’t they? That’s because they look so simple. Rest on them and it’s like you’re taking a well-deserved break hunting for King Kong with Tarzan as your guide. Then there’s the FCH Outdoor Air Deluxe, which comes with the very opposite feeling. It seems very


Caribbean Hammock Chair with Footrest – Review

Hammock chairs are meant to be relaxing, but they often have a rather significant design flaw—what do you do with your feet? Many hanging chairs require you to place your feet on the ground or have them hanging down when you take a seat. Sure, it’s the basic design for chairs. But can’t they mimic

where to hang a hammock chair

Where to Hang a Hammock Chair?

Hammocks are some of the best things about going on a vacation to a beautiful tropical island. You can while away your day in full relaxation in these simple contraptions, letting you lounge around without any care. If only you can bring home and feel like you’re on a vacation every day, right? Well, there’s