Bubble Chair Without Hanging

Bubble chairs are among the iconic pieces of furniture in contemporary society for many reasons. These chairs were originally designed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio in 1968 and, 50 years later, are as popular as ever. This isn’t surprising as these chairs have a simple yet sophisticated design with a Space Age feel, as well as comfortable and cozy for users.

But bubble chairs can also be a challenge to install since the original design was hung from the ceiling. Just imagine the work involved in measuring, drilling and lifting for the installation!

Fortunately, fans of modernist furniture can enjoy the beauty, versatility and functionality of a bubble chair without hanging it. This is thanks to the likes of the Designer Modern Ball Acrylic Chair with Silver Cushion.

Notable Features

The ball acrylic chair has all the hallmarks of the bubble chair but without the challenges of hanging it from the ceiling. Instead, the chair itself is set on top of a strong, stable and sturdy metal base. This eliminates the need for power tools, aside from a certain amount of DIY skills, since the assembly process is done on the floor.

Let’s take a look at the materials of the standing bubble chair.  The ball chair itself is made from acrylic, a transparent thermoplastic used in a wide range of applications from vehicles, appliances and furniture to skylights, windows, and bulletproof security barriers.  Many types are even used for shoes, artwork, and musical instruments!

Acrylic is the preferred material for bubble chairs for many reasons.

First, it is relatively easy to manufacture and manipulate into the desired shapes. The shape of the bubble chair evokes a soap bubble, which can easily be made using the acrylic manufacturing process.  Think of a soap bubble cut almost diagonally three-fourths of the way and you have a bubble chair.

Second, it is a transparent material. In fact, acrylic is widely used as a shatter- and scratch-resistant alternative to glass. The original bubble chair’s designer chose acrylic, too, because of its transparent quality while still being stronger than glass.

His main goal then: To create a type of chair that provides its user with a sense of peaceful solitude while still letting the light in while also letting him appreciate his surroundings.  The transparent material provided for all these benefits.

Third, it is a sturdy and strong material that can carry the weight of an adult or two kids who can fit inside its interior. Acrylic can be made as thick as needed, depending on its application, thus its use in commercial aquariums, among others.

Fourth, it is a beautiful material. While it may appear too simple to others, therein lies its beauty. Fans of the bubble chair often say that its simple design evokes timeless sophistication such that it blends well with either a 1960s or a 2016 décor.

Indeed, Eero made the right decision for property owners everywhere when he chose acrylic as the main material for his now-iconic hanging bubble chair!

The ball chair sits on top of a sturdy and strong metal stand with a wide base. The wide base is a must for optimum strength, balance and stability, which every chair should offer its user. The rod is also thick and wide so there should be no concerns about it bending under the weight of an adult sitting on the chair.

The ball chair and its stand can be assembled in a fast and easy manner, too. You will need a screwdriver to attach both main parts together, which should take just 15 minutes or so.  You don’t have to worry about too many parts and too many installation steps on this one.

The chair also comes with its own silver cushions. Its measurements are 43 inches (width), 37 inches (depth), and 49 inches (height).


These are the advantages of the product:

  • Durable and beautiful materials
  • Sturdy and stable design
  • Easy assembly since it’s a bubble chair without hanging necessary
  • Blends well with virtually all types of décor from classic to contemporary
  • Changeable cushions


But there are disadvantages, too, including: 

  • Takes up floor space unlike its hanging counterpart
  • Transparent material although this isn’t an issue with most buyers
  • More expensive than a hammock chair


Designer Modern Ball Acrylic Chair with Silver Cushion is a must-buy for fans of modernist furniture with a contemporary flair. You can use it for many purposes, such as a reading nook or a hangout place. You may place it in your living room, bedroom, or patio, even in a gazebo –and easily, too, since it’s a bubble chair without hanging needed.

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