Fine Mod Imports FMI1122 in white and black

Fine Mod Imports FMI1122 (Black and White) doesn’t sound like a chic name for a piece of furniture. But don’t dismiss it just because of its uncool name! The bubble chair is a chic, comfortable and cozy furniture that will blend well with virtually all décor themes, whether it’s in a rustic cabin or an avant-garde condo.

But first a history of the bubble chair for people who are interested in buying the chair. In 1968, Eero Aarnio designed and developed the first hanging bubble chair. He did so in the tradition of great inventors – he wanted something but it wasn’t available then so he made it. He soon noticed that his drawings resembled a ball albeit with a hole cut diagonally across it.

Nearly 50 years later, the hanging bubble chair has undergone little change in its basic design. This isn’t surprising as the simple yet sophisticated design is such a perfect balance of style and symmetry. This is also true for the Fine Mod Imports bubble chair, one of the best replicas of the now-iconic chair.

Fine Mod Imports FMI1122 – Notable Features

The Fine Mod Imports FMI1122 (Black and White) is a hanging bubble chair with two major parts.  First, the bubble chair itself is made of transparent acrylic, a type of thermoplastic. Acrylic comes in a wide range of colors but the transparent (i.e., colorless) type is preferred for bubble chairs for several reasons.

  • Evokes the bubble’s appearance

This is an obvious reason since the bubble chair was so named because it resembled a soap bubble. Of course, the acrylic itself will not have the sheen and surface rainbows of true soap bubbles. The resemblance, nonetheless, is present.

  • Strong and sturdy material

This is a must since bubble chairs aren’t just for decoration although these are great conversation pieces in homes and hotels. The chair must be strong and sturdy enough to carry the weight of a full-grown adult male. Many, if not most, bubble chairs can accommodate up to 220 pounds of weight although the actual weight limit varies between chairs.

The thermoplastic can be made as thinly or thickly as needed.  Indeed, acrylic is used in several commercial and industrial applications. These include large aquariums like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the pressure spheres of one-man submarines. The more common applications are in fashion, house, and car products, such as dashboards, shoes, and furniture.

The bottom line: You can sit on the Fine Mod Import bubble chair and relax in it. You don’t have to worry about it being too fragile to carry your weight because it can do so.

  • Transparent yet blocks out sound and sight, if necessary

This is one of the reasons Eero chose transparent acrylic. Based on his idea, you can enjoy being in a room within a room when you’re seated on the bubble chair. Once inside, you will find that the exterior sounds are reduced while the interior sounds are amplified – truly, an acoustic haven that music lovers appreciate.

You can also face the people in the room, if you want to socialize. You may then swivel it around when you want to enjoy solitude without leaving the area.  You can even just retreat inside and read without losing the natural light.

Second, the frame and chain are made of polished chrome. The 8-foot chain can be shortened depending on the desired distance between the ceiling and the floor, as well as the floor and bottom of the chair.

Tip: You can use your most comfortable chair to measure the right distance between the floor and chair. You may, for example, opt for a 6-inch distance for more comfort – too low and too high means less comfort for your legs. 

The package also comes with down fill cushions with cotton upholstery. These are removable and replaceable, which means easy maintenance of the piece of furniture. Just remove the cushions and wipe the chair with a soft cloth.

The chair measures 42 x 41 x 32 inches (height, width and depth)


These are its pros:

  • Strong and sturdy materials including the acrylic and metal chain in polished chrome finish
  • High weight limit
  • Simple yet sophisticated design


These are the cons:

  • May require professional installation
  • May swing when getting in and out of the chair although this is to be expected


The Fine Mod Imports FMI1122 (Black and White) is a great investment in an iconic furniture without busting your budget. When it arrives at home, you should consider professional installation to get the best results, especially when you have “tricky” ceilings. Give this bubble chair a try. It will impress you.

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