Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan

Ever wanted to hang out on your porch or backyard but don’t want to be too exposed to the neighbors? A great solution would be to get a hammock egg nest chair like the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan Chair. This product is designed to mimic a cocoon-like space, letting you enjoy some cozy privacy and a great sense of security while relaxing outside.

The Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan Chair

The Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan chair is a standing hammock chair. It is perfect for your home’s outdoor areas like the garden, patio, lanai, or poolside thanks to its synthetic wood material. However, if you want to use it indoors, you can do so, too.

While there are tons of different hammock chairs to choose from, the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan Chair stands out because it is a two-seater variety. It can fit two people comfortably and one person can easily lie down in it for a nap.

Two-seater hammock chairs are quite hard to find which is why the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan Chair is a popular choice. Egg nest chairs are already cozy enough to enjoy on your own, but if you and your significant other’s idea of relaxation involve cuddling, this is the perfect lounging furniture for the both of you.

Of course, you don’t have to be partnered up to own this piece of furniture as well. It can be an excellent napping spot, so if you like to spend your days off sleeping the day away at home, this could be a great purchase, too.

Measuring  49“ x 52″ x 82”, this piece of furniture is definitely a massive one, so if you want to put it inside your home, you’ll want to find a pretty good amount of space to accommodate it. As for its weight capacity, it has a limit of 418 lbs, so you can be sure that it’s safe enough to carry you and your partner.

Detailed with a lovely woven design, the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan Chair will look great outdoors. Completed with a brightly colored cushion, it can easily be a statement piece in an interior space as well.

Outdoor Relaxation

Like most standing hammock chairs, the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan is ideally a furniture made for your home’s outdoor areas. You’ll find it under garden and outdoor categories in most stores online so you can be sure that it will be a great product for your patio, lanai, garden, or backyard.

However, it might be best to keep it under a covered area so it won’t get rained on during the wet months. This way, you don’t have to deal with a soggy cushion and you can continuously enjoy the seat all year-round.

It’s woven design is also a great factor that makes this product ideal for your outdoor areas. Being weatherproof is not the only thing that you need to look for in an outdoor furniture. Egg-like furnishings seem to be counterproductive for outdoor furnishing, but thanks to its woven design, it gets to allow some breeze into its interiors, making it a cozy space that’s not suffocating even in the warmer months.

This, combined with the gentle rocking movement that you can achieve while lounging on a hammock chair, makes the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan an excellent outdoor furniture.

Indoor Cozy

With all the stress everyday life can bring, more and more homeowners are looking for ways how to make their homes more relaxing. Some people work hard to give their properties a resort-like feel, opting to deck their interiors with breezy pieces that will remind them of a tropical holiday.

And what other piece of furniture can do a better job at giving your home a resort-like feel than a hammock chair, right? These furnishings are often found in posh resorts in tropical countries that having one at home can instantly give your home some warmth and good vibes.

You’ll easily be reminded of the beach by the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan. Having one indoors will surely take you back to the time you were hanging out by the poolside on your last tropical getaway. It sure will be nice to have a nice piece of furniture that will help you kick back and relax every day without having to spend a fortune on a beach vacation, right? And since the Egg Nest Shaped Wicker Rattan is a two-seater unit, you can even laze the day away with your significant other right next to you.

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