Hammock Chair For Kids

Just as its name implies, a hammock chair for kids is a cross between a hammock and a chair. As a hammock, it can be suspended from ceilings and beams indoors as well as from tree branches outdoors. As a chair, it provides sufficient room for kids to sit, relax and swing on it.

Hammock Chair For Kids – Safety Is Paramount

Many hammock chairs come with several safety features so that children can use it with little to no risks for injuries under normal use. These safety features can include:

  • Integrated spreader bars designed to spread apart the hammock’s fabric. These reduce the risks for children being suffocated while in the hammock.
  • Comfort springs provide better bounce for the user. These increase the level of comfort for the child and, thus, ensure that he/she enjoys the experience.

Hammock chairs for kids should also be made without excess cloth and strings. Otherwise, the extra cloth and strings can become suffocation hazards, especially for smaller children.

Of course, parents and guardians should be careful about letting their children use hammock chairs when unsupervised. Younger or smaller kids who cannot reach the ground should always be supervised when in the hammock for safety reasons. Older or larger kids can be left unsupervised provided that their feet can easily touch the ground, among other safety measures.

Like all things designed for children, hammock chairs has its share of risks and rewards. In order to minimize the risks and maximize the rewards, an attitude of safety should always be adopted. This attitude should apply from the installation to the disposal of the hammock chairs.

Hanging Chair for Children in Child Room

Shot of a modern colorful children’s room with a hanging chair

A few more safety tips to remember about these products:

  • Check the hammock chair before each use, if possible. You can also perform weekly checks of the set-up, such as checking for frayed ropes and fabric, tightening screws, and checking springs.
  • Install the hammock chair in the right place. You have to check that the ceiling’s beam or joist can actually hold the weight of a child, perhaps even of two children. You should be cautious about hanging a hammock chair on branches – a living tree is your best bet.
  • Consider the right height. You should ideally measure the distance between the floor and the bottom part of the hammock chair. Your kids should be able to get in and out of the hammock chair easily and quickly, as well as place their feet on the ground comfortably.
  • Teach the kids about its proper uses. You have to tell them to avoid swinging and rocking too hard and too fast on it. You must also instruct them never to twist around and around since they can become trapped in its confines.

A hammock chair for kids will also be subjected to wear and tear, especially when it’s placed outdoors or when it’s used often. You should ideally remove and replace an old hammock chair for safety purposes.

Reasons to Buy Kids’ Hammock Chairs

While a hammock chair may be smaller than a hammock – a child can only sit but not fully recline on it – you will love the numerous benefits that it provides. These benefits can be enjoyed by the adult and children themselves, thus, making its purchase a win-win situation.

For the adults, the convenience of kids’ hammock chairs include:

  • Ease of set-up and use

You will find it so easy to set it up, especially when you have exposed beams on your home’s ceiling. You can use a few manual and/or power tools to hang it up but be sure to read the instructions manual first.

Your children will take to the hammock chairs like ducks to water, too. You may have to assist the younger ones in getting on and off them for the first few times. But over time, your kids will get the hang of it.

  • Ease of maintenance

You will love a hammock chair’s low-maintenance nature. Aside from the abovementioned safety checks, you can wash the fabric on a washing machine, if allowed. You can also wipe the fabric with a dry or damp soft cloth to spot-remove dirt.

  • Entertains children

Your kids will likely spend 30 minutes, even an hour, just mildly swinging on the hammock. You may be able to complete a few household chores or enjoy downtime on your own. You will also love the way that swinging on a hammock encourages a relaxed mind and body.

This is because children like to soothe themselves by gentle swinging on hammocks. The gentle to and fro motions can even lull them to sleep. Just be sure to get them out before they do so since a hammock chair isn’t the best place for kids to sleep.

For the kids, the benefits of playing on a hammock chair include:

  • Stress relief

The mind and body go into a relaxed mood with each swing of the chair. This is akin to being carried in the womb and rocked in a parent’s arms in infancy.

  • Play

The benefits of play for physical and mental development of children have been firmly established by numerous studies. Children develop their physical skills, learn social skills (e.g., sharing and taking turns), and gain mental aptitude (e.g., counting) while playing on a hammock chair.

Of course, the opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their kids cannot be passed up.  You can spend an hour talking, laughing, and playing with the hammock chair as part of it.

Indeed, you should buy one or two hammock chairs for your kids! You will love the benefits that it brings, which also means getting great value for your money.

Nice Hammock Chair for Children

Tips in Buying Kids’ Hammock Chairs

But don’t just buy the first hammock chair you see in a physical store or online shop. Keep these tips in mind when making your choice:

  • Consider where it will be placed. Many of these products can be used indoors and outdoors. The type and thickness of the fabric must withstand wear and tear from normal use. The type of installation method should also be factored in the buying decision.
  • Consider who will use it. Hammock chairs can be designed for smaller and larger kids although weight limits should be observed.
  • Consider the maintenance. Smaller kids will likely be messy when using the hammock chairs so look for easy-to-clean fabrics.
  • As an alternative, please also look at the kids version of hanging eggs.

Now, you’re ready to buy a hammock chair for kids! You and your kids will love it when it’s installed because it’s such a joy to use.