Hanging Egg Chair – The Egg Nest for your home

When the going gets tough, some of us just want to be cocooned to feel safe. This is why we need cozy things at home. Such items can provide instant comfort to weary souls, helping you calm down and relax.

But what if we tell you that you can add another piece of furniture in your home that can cocoon you in the best way possible? A hammock egg nest is designed to envelop a person, creating a nice enclosed space that’s perfect for spending some me-time.

What is a Hanging Egg Chair?

If you’ve never encountered a hanging egg chair before, you might be wondering what exactly it is. A hammock egg nest is basically a hanging chair. It got its name from its appearance. As it looks like an upright egg with one area cut away, it’s just fitting to call it such.

This furnishing is a different take on the egg pod chair but instead of looking all retro-modern, it has more of a relaxing beach vibe most of the time. This is largely because most of these chairs are made with woven wooden material like rattan or wicker. It also helps that it’s an actual hammock chair which automatically looks relaxing no matter how you look at it.

Hammock egg nest chairs can be commonly found by the pool, in the garden, or even in porches. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t look great elsewhere. With the right styling and seating material, it can be a great statement piece in any interior space.

Two Types of Hanging Egg Chairs

When shopping for hammock egg nest chairs, you’ll find these two options:

Suspended Hanging Egg Chair

Suspended hammock egg nest chairs are much like traditional hammock chairs. You’ll need to find a spot overhead to hang them from. Units of this type will come with a suspension system so you don’t have to worry about how you can install them. You can also easily opt to get thick ropes if you have an exposed overhead beam that you can work with.

This type of hammock chairs is great for those who want to literally hang out around the house. However, installation can be a chore so it might not be ideal for everyone. It’s a great way to add a relaxing piece of furniture in your home without taking a lot of space, though.

Cute toy-terrier resting in a hanging rattan chair on the balcony of the apartment. Dog sitting in a chair on the terrace

Standing Hammock Egg Chair

If you don’t want to be hassled by the chore of hanging a hammock chair somewhere on your property, an excellent alternative would be to get a standing unit. This type offers the same hammock egg nest but instead of the need to suspend it, you’ll only have to assemble a stand that will hold the seat up.

Standing hammock egg nest chairs are excellent for those who want a fancy hammock chair at home but doesn’t have the time or ability to do a bit of work to hang suspend one on a ceiling. However, these pieces of furniture can take a lot of space, which is why they’re often found in outdoor areas of many homes. They also tend to have limited styles, so if you want them inside your home, some tweaking might be needed for your interiors.

Chair hanging on a chain in the hotel lobby sofa with blue pillows

Common Materials Used for Hanging Egg Chairs

Your hammock egg nest chair’s material is important to consider before making a purchase. Getting to know what materials are available is essential so you can accordingly plan where to put it and how it will look in your space. This is vital for those who have modern interiors. A hammock egg nest chair might not easily be the most modern or contemporary furnishing to have so working it into a well-curated space can be a challenge.

While hammock chairs are often made of a wide array of materials, hammock egg nest chairs are most often limited to wood, heavy duty textile, and even plastic. The suspension can be made from thick ropes or chain links. Stands are usually made with wood or metal. Different materials tend to create different styles and looks, so you can be sure to have lots of options when choosing one for your home.

Decorating with a Hanging Egg Chair

A quick search on the web will tell you that a hammock egg nest chair is an excellent furnishing to add to your space. It looks relaxing and adds some charm to any room it’s in. This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a lot of people want one for their homes.

But how do you decorate with a hammock egg nest chair? It’s actually pretty easy. If you have a nice outdoor area that you want to cozy up in, adding a hammock egg nest chair or two can get the job done. Punctuate it with a few outdoor sofas and a center table and you’re good to go.

If you want the hammock egg nest chair indoors, there’s no need to worry as well. If you have a bohemian or eclectic look going on for your home, these hanging chairs will easily fit right into your interiors. Just add a cozy throw and a colorful cushion and you’re set.

Modern minimalist homes will also find a hammock egg nest a welcome addition to its decor. You might want to stick to the color scheme of your space to make it work, though, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Finding a spot inside your home for your hammock egg nest is the trickiest part in owning one. Most homeowners with one of these seating surfaces and experts agree, though, that they’re best placed near a window. Such a spot will let you lounge away the day while people watching, enjoying the view, or reading a book among other things. You can also put it right in the middle of the space to create a bold statement, but with its bulk, it might disrupt the clear view of your interiors.

The hammock egg nest chair is, without a doubt, an excellent addition to any home. If you want to get one, go ahead. You’ll be glad at how amazing it will be to come home to a cozy spot after a long day.

Hanging Egg chair and wooden garden furniture in the territory of the center of rest

Seems like the perfect place in your garden: The Hanging Egg Chair for Outdoor


Interior with new living room furniture set and modern hanging egg chair

Really nice and modern: An Hanging Egg Chair with Stand in the living room.