Driftsun Hammock Pod Kids Swing

Kids love being on the Driftsun Hammock Pod Kids Swing! This isn’t surprising as its proper and regular use contributes to the development of body perception and balance, a good thing for younger kids. Parent and guardians, however, must supervise younger children when on the hammock swing for safety purposes.

Notable Features Driftsun Hammock Pod Kids Swing

The hammock swing is designed for universal use, which means that it can be installed in indoor and outdoor places. But emphasis must be made that it’s best placed with a roof covering over it, such as in a patio or porch.  This will extend the life of the canvas material even when it’s placed outdoors.

Many parents, even grandparents, place the hammock swing in the child’s room while many also install it in the living room, den and even the dining room. The placement depends on several factors, such as where the child will likely use it and where the adults can keep an eye on him. You can, for example, install it in the corner of the living room where you can still watch over your child while you enjoy television shows.

The hammock chair can accommodate larger children up to 176 pounds. You have to keep within the weight limit even when your child appears lighter or smaller for his age. You shouldn’t risk your child’s safety by letting him get on the hammock even when he’s heavier than 176 pounds.

The common sense rule when it comes to hammock chairs for kids: If you kid can’t get in and out of it with ease, you should discourage him from using it. This one measures 27.6 by 59 inches while the length of the hammock is 59 inches.  If your child exceeds these dimensions, then it’s best to let other younger kids use it instead.

The main material of the Driftsun Hammock Pod Kids Swing is canvas in several hues of bright yellow and orange. You will find its duck-inspired design from the beak at the top to the feet at the bottom attractive – and so will your children! You should have no difficulty encouraging kids to use the hammock swing.

When used with the weight limit in mind, the canvas material is as strong and sturdy as can be. The reinforced stitching on the seams add to the sturdy quality since tears aren’t common.

The canvas material is also easy to clean. For light dust and dirt, just use either a dry or damp clean washcloth or rag to wipe them away. For more stubborn stains, remove the inflatable cushion at the base and wash the hammock in the dryer. Be sure to lay down flat the canvas material when air drying it for faster results.

Tip: Avoid placing the canvas under direct sunlight. Otherwise, the material can prematurely fade, even have light and dark spots in several places, which will affect its visual appeal. 

The hammock swing is easy to install, too. You will find the necessary hardware, namely, the nylon rope, mounting brackets, hooks and bolts, included in the package. You just need basic tools like hammer and screwdriver to install the hammock on the ceiling; use a sturdy stepladder, too.

The base of the hammock swing has an inflatable cushion. You should have an air pump at home – or buy it separately – as the package doesn’t include it.

Once properly installed, the hammock swing becomes such a joy to use for your kids. You will find them using it for reading books, listening to music, and just hanging out. You may even find that they use it to relieve their physical and mental stress.

A parent appreciated the benefits that the product brought to her child with sensory issues. The swinging and spinning motions calmed the child’s nerves while the fabric surrounding his body brought a feeling of security. The result: A calmer and happier child, a joy especially for kids with autism.


  • Easy to install with all the necessary hardware included
  • Easy to use even for younger kids
  • Inflatable cushion at the base provides a more stable, comfortable and durable base
  • Bright attractive colors and design
  • Suitable as a reading and listening nook or just for relaxing


  • Air pump not included
  • Unsuitable for older and larger kids


The Driftsun Hammock Pod Kids Swing is suitable for kids who enjoy the joys of swinging and twisting around on a hammock chair. Just be sure to be on hand to tell kids about the safety measures to make full use of the product.

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