Frog Holding Hanging Pod

The HappyPie Frog Folding Hanging Pod Swing Seat is one of the few hammock chairs that can accommodate an adult and a child. Parents, even grandparents, who want a hammock chair wherein they can spend quality time with the young ones in the family will love it.

Notable Features Frog Holding Hanging Pod

Let’s first take a look at its installation since many hammock chairs can be challenging to install. You should find it relatively easy to install in both indoor and outdoor setting. You just have to carefully study the parts and instructions first before attempting to install it.

A few general tips provided by the manufacturer:

  • Take out the swing from its box.
  • Unzip the bottom inflatable cushion located at its bottom part.
  • Insert the cushion’s air valve to the air pump opening. Hold the air valve with one hand while the other hand uses the air pump, if necessary. Ask for assistance, too.
  • Complete the inflation, detach the air valve from the air pump, and reposition the air valve to the cushion’s center.
  • Re-zip the inflatable cushion.

This is the first part of the installation process. The next steps depend on whether the swing set will be installed indoors or outdoors.

For indoor installation, the expansion bolt should be fixed to the beam. The swing must then be connected with a spring hook although a connecting band will also work well. The connecting band is especially useful for lowering the distance between the ground and swing.

For outdoor installation, the swing should be connected to the spring hook via a connecting band. The swing itself should be installed on a strong and sturdy branch. You must check that, indeed, the branch can carry your weight plus the weight of your child before letting him onto it.

If you’re doubtful about indoor installation, you can hire a professional carpenter for the job. You will, at least, have the assurance that the swing will be installed on a sturdy ceiling beam or joist.

The HappyPie Frog Folding Hanging Pod has the following dimensions and weight limit:

  • 6” (L) x 51.2” (H) x 21.3” (W) inches
  • Product weight 3.33 pounds
  • Weight limit of 150 pounds

Based on these dimensions and the photos provided, you will know that it can accommodate one adult and one child or two children at one time. You can do plenty of enjoyable things here, such as reading books, listening to music, and telling stories. You can just hang out and relax, too.

But the hanging pod isn’t suitable for use by children under three years of age, unless accompanied by an adult at all times. Babies in particular shouldn’t be placed on it because of the risks of falls, even when an adult is around. The swing set can easily tip over with just a baby on board.

Parents with children dealing with sensory issues can also but it for their kids. For children with autism, for example, the gentle swinging movement can soothe stressed nerves and provide a happy distraction. Of course, even neuro-normal kids will also benefit from its regular and proper use.

Suffice it to say that it’s a swing that all kids can benefit from! Its regular and proper use will help in proper physical and mental development, particularly in balance and perception. Since it can also be the place where adults and kids happily interact, it can also contribute to an improved sense of well-being.

Each package contains:

  • The swing set including an inflatable cushion
  • A cloth case for easy transportation
  • 2 pieces of hooks
  • An inflator pump

The swing comes in a pink durable fabric. This is a must because the fabric should be strong and sturdy enough to carry a 150-pound weight. 


  • Suitable for children 3 to 9 years old
  • Easy installation indoors and outdoors
  • Strong and sturdy fabric with inflatable cushion for more comfort
  • Can accommodate up to 150 pounds (child and adult)


  • Unsuitable for children under three years old
  • Requires additional supplies for certain applications
  • Fabric can become frayed after a few years of use (i.e., in contrast with canvas)


The HappyPie Frog Folding Hanging Pod Swing Seat is a great product for parents and their kids. You have the opportunity to spend quality time with one of your kids on it, whether it’s listening to music or catching up on the day’s activities.  If you want to see other hanging chairs for kids click on it. If you really like this on: Buy it now!

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