La Siesta Lori Lilly – The Hammock Chair Review

The La Siesta Lori Lilly is touted as an organic hammock chair for children. The “organic” term comes from the use of organic materials include GOTS-certified cotton and FSC-certified bamboo, among others. The hammock chair, if the manufacturer’s claims about the use of organic materials are true, is fair to both the environment and humans.

Notable Features of La Siesta Lori Lilly

The hammock chair is suitable for children three years and older. But emphasis must be made that the child using the product should be 175 pounds, maximum. Even the sturdy fabric, spreader bar, and hook can break under the stress of excess weight being placed on it, thus, the recommended weight limit.

La Siesta Lori Lilly
  • For Kids older three years
  • indoors and outdoors
  • organic cotton

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Keep in mind, too, that the hammock chair is designed for use by a single person only. Its dimensions – seating width of 5 feet, 1 inch; seating length of 3 feet, 7 inches – are just enough for one passenger, so to speak. It should also be at least 6 feet and 7 inches high when strung on the ceiling or tree branch.

Experts advise against placing a baby in the hammock chair, even with an adult nearby. The hammock can become a suffocation and fall hazard for babies, thus, the recommendation.

Let’s take a look at the materials of La Siesta Lori Lilly. First, the organic cotton is touted as GOTS-certified, a certification touted as fair to the environment and to the people who make it.

Many people actually look for the certification since it provides an assurance that the people behind the fabric’s creation were treated and paid well. Plus, it also means that eco-friendly practices from their cultivation to production were adopted. Both of these aspects of production have gained more importance in recent years.

For most buyers, however, these are only the cherry on top. The more important things are the organic cotton’s desirable qualities including:

Superior softness

Parents understandably consider organic cotton’s superior softness as the best benefit of the hammock chair. You, as a parent, will not want your child’s sensitive skin to be in prolonged contact with rough fabrics. You wouldn’t want it especially when your child has allergies from certain fabrics.

Easy to clean

Just remove the organic cotton hammock from its frame and wash it in the washing machine. The best setting is on cold gentle dry to preserve the fabric’s superior softness and vibrant colors. Be sure to air-dry the fabric instead of putting it through the dryer.

Sturdy fabric

The reinforced edges make the hammock chair more tear-resistant in comparison with similar products. Your child should be able to enjoy it for several years to come – or at least, until he’s not suitable for its size and weight limit.

Of course, the vibrant colors of pink, blue and purple in stripes are so attractive you can’t help but admire it.

Second, the spreader bar is a piece of sturdy and strong FSC-certified bamboo. This is an essential part of the hammock chair since it literally spreads apart the hammock’s fabric. The result: Greater space in the hammock and lower risk for the child to become temporarily trapped in its folds.

Third, the rope and hook are also made of durable materials. But the metal parts aren’t stainless steel so there will be rust and corrosion over time.

Once properly installed, the hammock swing has a 360-degree rotation made possible because of the integrated safety swivel. But parents should strongly advise their kids not to twist around too fast and too much while on the hammock chair. The risks of being trapped inside can increase.

When used in the right manner, the hammock swing provides numerous benefits for children. These include stimulating their sense of balance ad perception, encouraging them to share with others, and allowing them to make decisions about their own safety.


The hammock swing has the following benefits:

  • Sturdy and strong fabric and spreader bar
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 360-degree swivel action
  • Indoor and outdoor installation


This has the following cons:

  • Metal parts subject to premature rusting
  • Fabric can fade in the sun with outdoor installation


The La Siesta Lori Lilly immediately catches the eyes because of its attractive fabric and traditional design. But it’s not just these things that make the hammock chair for kids a good investment. You will also be drawn to its sturdy and stable overall design, its organic materials, and its ease of set-up and use.

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