Magic Cabin’s Rocking Hammock Chair – Review

What do you get when you cross a rocking chair with a hammock? You get Magic Cabin’s Rocking Hammock! This is a two-in-one product that delivers good value for the money and, thus, should be on your next shopping list.

Notable Features of Rocking Hammock Chair

Magic Cabins Rocking Hammock
Just as its name implies, this is a combination of a rocking chair and a hammock. The base is shaped like a rocking chair, which allows a child to use it as such for hours on end. The rocking chair is stable so there’s little to no danger of tipping over although rocking too hard isn’t advisable.

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The shape of the rocking / hammock chair for kids ensures that it will go forwards and backwards but not side to side. The risks for tipping and toppling over are significantly reduced, thanks to the excellent balance in the rocking chair’s arc-shaped frame. There’s also a certain beauty to the arc’s symmetry from end to end, which gives the piece of furniture a classic feel.

The gentle rocking motions can even put a child to sleep! But a child should not be allowed to sleep on it for more than a nap lest he falls over and suffers an injury. After he’s asleep, you can carry him off the hammock and place him in his bed.

Most parents instead allow their kids to get on the rocking chair/hammock for other reasons aside from sleeping. These can include letting them relax, calming down their frayed nerves, and soothing them after a tantrum. Many just let their kids use the Rocking Hammock because it’s fun – and when a child is happy, his parents are likely to be happy about it, too.

The wood used in the rocking chair frame is also sturdy and strong. It has to be otherwise children can be at risk of injury in case it breaks with the slightest pressure.

rocking hammock chair kids

The upper part features a hammock made from multi-colored striped fabric. This is a thick sturdy and strong fabric able to accommodate a child weighing up to 96 pounds. The fabric has a soft feel that even kids with sensitive skin will love.

Of course, the colorful fabric will immediately draw your eyes to its beauty.  The striped pattern has a rustic feel to it that can also blend in well with contemporary décor. Your child will probably care less about aesthetics anyway since his main concerns are the comfort and coziness of the rocking hammock.

Aside from its attractive design, the fabric has other things going for it, too. First, the reinforced seams are designed to resist tearing, especially when older kids are using the rocking chair/hammock. Second, the fabric is easy to clean by removing it from the frame and washing it in the machine.

Other features that make the rocking chair and hammock combo include:

  • Lightweight design that makes it easy to move between places. Even a teenager can move it from the living room to the patio, for example.
  • Compact design for lesser footprint. This is a great kid furniture for apartments and condos.
  • Fast and easy indoor and outdoor installation. Just pick up the product with your hands and transport it between places.
  • Easy to install and clean. Basic tools and DIY skills are needed.
  • Size 50 x 14 inches. Suitable for children 2 years old and above

Many of the reviews about the product are positive for these reasons. A few customers even call it an excellent buy.


  • Stable well-balanced design with little risk of tipping over
  • Sturdy and stable wood and fabric materials
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Kid-friendly from 2 to 6 years old
  • Combination of rocking chair and hammock
  • Accommodates up to 90 pounds
  • Relaxing place for kids


  • Learning curve needed especially for younger kids because of the novel design
  • No instructions in the box
  • Unsuitable for older and larger children


The Rocking Hammock is among the more innovative kid-friendly products we have seen so far. We have seen rocking chairs and hammock chairs as separate pieces of furniture but few in a combo. The result: A product that combines the relaxing benefits of a rocking chair and a hammock, which children love after experiencing it for the first time.  You should buy it for your kids and watch them enjoy using it for months to come.

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