Caribbean Hammock Chair with Footrest – Review

Hammock chairs are meant to be relaxing, but they often have a rather significant design flaw—what do you do with your feet? Many hanging chairs require you to place your feet on the ground or have them hanging down when you take a seat.

caribbean hammock chair footrest


  • Up to 250 pounds
  • Many different colors to choose
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonable price


Sure, it’s the basic design for chairs. But can’t they mimic the lounge chair instead? If you’ve been asking that question, then Caribbean Hammocks has the hanging chair for you. They’re offering their Hammock Chair with Footrest. Problem solved.

Features of the Caribbean Hammock Chair with Footrest

Here’s what you can expect when you get the Caribbean Hammock Chair with Footrest:

  • This is a rope hammock chair that uses netting instead of a solid canvas.
  • The ropes are tough 100% spin polyester cords. This makes them 10 times as durable as cotton ropes. They can take the weight and the effects of the weather.
  • These ropes come in colors such as green, tan, and rainbow (multicolored).
  • It’s like a hammock, but you sit on it sideways compared to your position on a regular hammock. The hammock is wide and stretchy enough to accommodate even your feet. You don’t have to bend your knees. You can stretch out fully and your feet will be inside the hammock chair.
  • The wood is very thick and substantial. It’s made of hardwood, 40 inches long, and treated with marine varnish similar to what people use on boats. This will endure for a long time, and you get a nice glossy finish too.
  • This can be used indoors or outdoors. You just need a suspension point that’s at least 7.5 feet from the ground.
  • The hammock chair is rated to carry up to 250 pounds.
  • The price is very reasonable.

Pros and Cons

So should you get it? Let’s take a look at the benefits it offers and see:

  • You can extend your feet. This is perhaps one of its main selling points, since not very many hammock chairs (as opposed to just plain hammocks) can say the same. So now you have the hanging version of the lounge chair at last. Your feet don’t have to dangle from the seat anymore, and you don’t have to bend your knees to tuck your legs in to fit in the hammock seat.
  • This is still a chair. Just in case you’re wondering if it’s a plain hammock, it’s not. You can sit up enough that you can drink without a problem. You can’t do that lying down on a hammock.
  • The polyester ropes are extremely soft. Many are astonished at the comfort level they feel when they sit on this hanging chair. The netting doesn’t feel like it’s cutting into your flesh. It’s actually very soft, and many have commented that somehow it feels softer than other cotton rope hammock seats.
  • The strength is outstanding. The polyester ropes are designed to carry 250 pounds, so any adult who isn’t obese can use this. Even a regular adult plus kid can stay safely on it.
  • It will last for a very long time. The polyester can stand the elements with no problem, and so can the spreader bar. That spreader bar is really durable, and it has been coated multiple times with marine varnish. So rain isn’t a problem at all.
  • It’s very light and compact. That means you can take it with you on your vacation.
  • It’s very cool and airy. That’s a benefit of the rope netting design.

Like everything else, though, it isn’t really absolutely perfect.

  • It doesn’t come with instructions on how to set it up, although Google can help with that.
  • It doesn’t come with hanging hardware.
  • Despite the pictures you may see in the ads, it doesn’t come with a stand or a pillow.
  • This can be bad for pets, since their legs wall go through the netting. But then this is a drawback of all rope hammock chairs and not just of the


The vast majority of Caribbean Hammock Chair with Footrest buyers love it, and in all likelihood you will too. It’s a simple matter of getting the right hanging setup, and then you have a chair that really lets you put your feet up. It looks great, it feels marvelous, and it will last you for a very long time.



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