FCH Outdoor Air Deluxe Review

Some hammock chairs give off this vibe of colonial times, don’t they? That’s because they look so simple. Rest on them and it’s like you’re taking a well-deserved break hunting for King Kong with Tarzan as your guide. Then there’s the FCH Outdoor Air Deluxe, which comes with the very opposite feeling. It seems very futuristic and technologically complicated, even if it is just a hammock chair.

Features FCH Outdoor Air Deluxe

fch outdoor air deluxe sky swing hammock

This is a hanging chair with several features that make it very different—and much better—than your prototypical hammock chair. You know that the standard hamming chair has a triangular configuration of spreader bar and rope at the top that resembles a clothes hanger. But this seems like a combination of numerous triangles!

Here’s what you get as part of the package:

  • The entire chair measures more than 42 inches long and more than 30.5 inches wide.
  • You have a spreader bar (several of them, actually) that has been stained and sanded for UV protection.
  • We say you have several “spreader bars” because you also have arm rests. The sides are reinforced with the spreader bars and there’s a canvas on each side where you can place your arms and elbows. The arm rests are 21 inches long.
  • It uses 600D nylon. You’re probably aware that some hanging chairs use polyester instead of cotton for strength. But nylon is even more durable and stronger than polyester. The D is a unit of measure for material strength and density. A 600D nylon fabric is stronger than a 420D nylon material, but 420D nylon fabric is stronger than 600D polyester.
  • The seat has a pillow for your head, and it’s detachable.
  • The seat can carry up to 250 pounds.
  • Then you have another spreader bar, and this time it supports your foot rest. This is 16.25 inches wide. It’s adjustable too.
  • On your main spreader bar, you can also hang a detachable drink cup holder that’s part of the purchase.
  • You also have a zinc-plated steel eye lag bolt for hanging. That also comes with 2 steel S-hooks that are also zinc-plated.
  • You can buy this in blue, green, light brown, or red.
  • You even have a bag for everything. The bag is 39 inches long and 7.5 inches wide.

Pros and Cons

You look at this, and it’s like the hanging chair for the Jetsons. It does look a bit complicated, but you can use it very easily. This is the real way to relax on a hanging chair. You can recline a bit like it’s a lounge chair, you have support for your head, back, and arms, and you can even put your feet up.

This is very strong too. The fabric edges even feature a 1-inch layer of nylon webbing all around. Its 250-pound carrying capacity should be able to accommodate most adults, even in this age of rising overweight statistics.

The ropes are made from UV-resistant polypropylene and the spreader bars are kiln-dried hardwood oak. The hanging hardware pieces are topnotch. It even comes with S-hooks so you can easily hang this indoors or under the roof of your porch.

But this is also designed for outdoor use, and that’s mainly because of the use of the tough nylon. Nylon dries quickly when it’s wet, it has some resistance to UV rays, it’s very stretchable and yet shrink-resistant, and it’s resistant to mildew too.

Even the hanging hardware has been designed for outdoor use. It’s plated with zinc to keep it protected from corrosion.

With the bag, it’s even easy to bring everything with you. Finally, the price for this marvel is marvelously low. It’s so affordable you can several of these, and you probably should for each member of the family fighting to use it.

However, on the down side you may have to do some figuring on how to set this up. The complicated design doesn’t really look all that inviting either, unlike a simple couch. It’s only when you sit back on this and you put your feet up that you realize just how comfy it really is.

Conclusion: FCH Outdoor Air Deluxe

Now this is a terrific outdoor hammock chair. It’s strong, tough, extremely comfy, and it comes with a foot rest and a cup holder. Sit on this, and it can be very difficult to want to stand back up.

Posted by Hangman