Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope Hammock Chair

Among hammocks as in most consumer price, the rule about price and quality tends to apply. The rule is simple: if it’s too cheap, then the quality must be cheap as well. However, that doesn’t quite hold true for the Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope hammock chair—if you understand what it really is for.

Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope Hammock Chair

At its ludicrously low price ((its cost is less than what a couple would spend for cinema tickets), it’s hard to regard the Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope hammock chair as a serious hanging chair. Yet it does offer some benefits for owners and buyers.

What Is It?

At first glance, the name describes it perfectly. It really is a hammock chair made with cotton rope. The cotton is even recycled so you’re doing your bit for the environment. You have your single rope to hang it up, a spreader bar made of wood to spread out the material, and a cotton rope netting to hold you up. It’s about 39.25 inches wide and 46 inches long.

So it’s a hammock chair alright. But it in some ways it’s really not, as its price should give you a clue. It’s not really meant to hold up an adult for hours on end every day. If you do that, then in just a few short months it will be damaged beyond repair.

The Look

Instead, it’s more accurate to say that it’s mainly a decorative item. It’s an accent piece. It helps that the netting is plain white while the spreader bar is light tan. Its neutral look will do well in any color scheme and any setting, whether outdoors or indoors. It really gives off this sedate feeling of adventure, like you’re a European in an adventure in the far off colonies.

This look is the very opposite of how many Central and South American hammocks look and feel like. Those are very colorful and festive, and they’re so visually loud that they’re practically screaming look at me! But this Gifts and Décor Cotton Rope hanging chair is at the opposite end of the attention-grabbing spectrum. It’s very calm and dignified.

It’s not that people will overlook this, however. It’s still a hanging chair, and hanging chairs are so different and unusual that they always tend to garner attention. It’s just that it catches your eye in a more decorous way.

How Do You Use It?

You can just hang it up, and then it will serve the same function as any decorative piece in a room. It will add to the overall look and theme.

Yet it’s also functional too. You can put things on the netting like you would on any chair. Many like to use it for their dolls and stuffed toys.

But on some occasions, you can actually use it as a real hanging chair by sitting on it. It’s actually strong enough to hold the weight of a 200-pound man for a time.

Preventive Measures and Proper Maintenance

If you don’t use this properly, you’re going to encounter a lot of problems. What did you expect at this price point? Just as old and fragile antique chairs aren’t meant for sumo wrestlers, this hanging chair isn’t really meant to be used like its more durable (and more expensive) counterparts.

So here are some measures you need to keep in mind that will make it last longer and protect people from pain and injury:

  • Don’t use it as a place where people sit. Or at least, minimize its use this way.
  • The holes of the netting may be too big for some kids. So you may want to use cushions or blankets on it.
  • The ropes will stretch the more you sit on it, so you may have to retie the ropes every month or so.
  • If you use this outdoors, keep it away from direct sunlight. Also, you may not want to get this wet.
  • Always check the rope that holds the entire hanging chair up. Check for any frays or tears. Clean it often too.

The problem with the Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope hammock chair is that a lot of people use it as a hanging chair but it can’t take the strain. Some units can (a fact that has been attested to by many customer reviews), but many others cannot. So why take the chance?

Pros and Cons

So let’s list down why the Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope hammock chair can be a great buy.

  • It’s very affordable.
  • It looks great. It can very well complement your interior design, as it looks calm and somewhat classy.
  • You can use this outdoors, but indoors is better.
  • Kids love it. They feel it’s very comfortable for them, and they love the fact that they can swing the hanging chair in every direction.
  • It’s easy enough to hang once you buy the hanging hardware.

There are lots of caveats, however.

  • It’s not meant to last for a very long time. The only way for this to last for more than an entire year is to keep people from sitting on it.
  • It can get a bit uncomfortable for some adults.
  • It’s not really meant for people to sit on it on a regular basis.
  • The rope stretches, so you may need to retie the ropes every now and then.


Many homes have items that are purely decorative. You have framed pictures, paintings, posters, and sculptures. Others display toys and dolls. In some ways the Gifts & Decor Cotton Rope hammock chair functions the same way. You put in some sort of “safari” vibe in the room that’s quite eye-catching and interesting.

It can also function as a display case for pillows, or for dolls and stuffed animals. This makes it perfect for your living room or for your child’s bedroom.

But you really shouldn’t use this as an actual chair you can sit on. It’s possible it can stand the strain, but you’re taking too much of a risk. Buy a proper hanging chair instead.

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