Ikea Hanging Chair Ekorre Review

Kids invariably love hanging chairs. They’re not as dull as the standard chairs that the stodgy adults use, since hanging chairs can swing freely. The sides of the hammock chair also tend to rise up, so the kids can easily pretend to be in a world of their own. It’s here where they can be alone reading their favorite books, and playing with their stuffed toys.

The Ikea Hanging Chair Ekorre fulfills all these kiddie requirements and a lot more besides. For children even as young as 3 years old, it’s perfect.

Features of the Ikea Hanging Chair Ekorre

The Ikea Hanging Chair Ekorre comes in 2 main parts. First you have the hanging seat itself. The fabric is made from 100% polyester, so it’s soft and yet tough. The rope is made from polypropylene plastic and acetal plastic is used for the hook rings.

Then you have the air element. This is the half-sphere plastic cushion you inflate before you place it on the fabric seat. You pump air into it according to how hard or cushy you want the set.

The rope is 2 meters long (about 78.7 inches). The diameter of the seat is about 28 inches, and it can bear a weight of up to 70 kilos (154 pounds).

Ikea Hanging Chair Ekorre

Pros and Cons

Perhaps the best and most important thing about this hanging chair is that children invariably love it. Kids immediately and instinctively realize that it’s designed just for them. It’s here where they can just sit down and do whatever it is that kids do by themselves to pass the time. They can read a book, play games on their tablets and smartphones, or listen to their music.

It’s strong enough to handle the weight of children. It comes with fabrics on all sides for privacy, and they’re strong enough to support the child when they want to take a nap. The hanging seat can swing to and fro, especially when it’s suspended supported by a pair of ceiling or beam hooks.

The air element also adds to the fun for the kids. This can be firm or soft so it feels more like a hammock. The point is that the kids can adjust it to match their preference. It acts as a soft bumper in case the hammock seat hits a wall.

However, aside from the joy in seeing your kids have fun with this, as a parent you will have to deal with the setup, which can be a bit complicated. You still need to buy the hanging hardware pieces, which are also available from Ekorre. Fortunately, the Ekorre web page on the Ikea site comes with downloaded illustrated directions on what you need to buy and do to hang this up.

Also, you will need to buy an air pump. Then you have to worry about leaks too. That’s the nature of these inflatables. However, the inflatable seat mattress is admittedly tough. It doesn’t really lose air very quickly, so you don’t have to inflate it all that often.

Just make sure that you don’t use this yourself. It’s really not meant for adults. There’s not enough space, and it’s not strong enough to bear your weight.

It’s very affordable, but you probably have to buy this online. That means you may have to wait up to 10 days until it is delivered to your home.


Children tend to like to have a place that’s entirely their own. That’s what this hanging seat is for. It gives them a place to hang out on their own even if they are in the living room.

It’s here that they can spend some private time in their own imaginary world, as the fabric cocoons them on most of the sides. There’s still ample open space in for so they can get on and off very easily. That also makes it possible to watch TV.

This is a seat that’s also highly recommended for children with special needs. Many parents have testified that it’s very soothing for them. The privacy, the swinging of the chair, and the softness of the seat all combine for a most favored chair.

So if you have a kid, try this out. It’s fun for them, and it gives them a place where they can relax. That gives you the chance to relax too!

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