La Siesta Currambera Blueberry Review

When you want to go on holiday vacation, you may want the right balance of celebration and relaxation. Sometimes you want to party, while at other times you just want to laze around while you feel the breeze and enjoy a book or what’s on TV. With the La Siesta Currambera Blueberry, it’s as if you can do both.

This is a lounge chair that’s perfect for large and heavy people, for couples, and for kids. It’s comfy yet tough, and its colors are very cheerful indeed. It’s very easy to take a nap on this chair, and you’ll doze with a smile on your face.

Features of the La Siesta Currambera Blueberry

Here are the features you can expect from the La Siesta Currambera Blueberry:

  • It’s very colorful, and it’s made from Colombia. It’s one of those countries that has centuries of history in making hammocks.
  • It’s large. It’s 82.7 inches long and 51 inches wide.
  • It’s made of pure cotton. The edges of the fabric has double the weft threads, so it’s extremely resistant to tearing.
  • The spreader bar is made from bamboo that’s FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This means it comes from a forest that’s socially and ecologically sustainable. This spreader bar is 55 inches long, weatherproof, and smooth to the touch.
  • The fabric is suspended from the spreader bar with numerous ropes.
  • It’s rated to carry up to 160 kilos, which is about 353 pounds.
  • It comes in 3 distinct parts, but it’s very easy to set up. You just need to attach the seat fabric to the spreader bar, and then you put in the suspension cord over the bar. You will have to buy the S-hook for the ceiling.
  • At the top, it has a 360-degree swivel so it can swing and rotate in any direction.
  • It’s machine washable though it needs to line dry.

Pros and Cons

At first glance, you already get a festive vibe when you see the La Siesta Currambera Blueberry. The colors are quite vibrant and it draws your eyes. But its looks are just the start of its appeal.

You’ll then notice the sheer size of it. It’s huge. This starts with the 82.7-inch length, which means you can sit back on this and it supports you from head to toe even when you’re fully stretched. It’s really a lounge chair, except that you’re hanging from the ceiling.

What’s more, it is very wide at more than 51 inches. That’s enough space for a couple, a parent and a child, or even you with your dog. That width is due to the 55-inch long spreader bar.

Have a seat, and you’ll notice more than just the extra roominess. You’ll also notice the softness that comes from pure cotton. The high quality and the long fibers make it very soft to the touch, and it’s also free of lint.

Part of your comfort also comes from the knowledge that this hanging chair is very tough. It doesn’t matter how heavy or how huge you are, if you’re sitting along in this thing then in all likelihood it can bear your size and weight.

You don’t need to worry about the spreader bar splintering, the ropes breaking, or the fabric ripping. It won’t tear either.

Of course, when it comes to cotton you need to take special care that it doesn’t get exposed to too much moisture. That’s why you can’t leave this outside overnight because it can’t deal with the dampness. You have to put this back in the house. For the winter season, you have to put it in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture and from vermin.

This, however, does come with 2 main areas of concern. The first one is the price, which goes into the 3-digt territory. It is admittedly a bit pricey.

Then you also have to make sure you have enough room for its sprawling size. You also have to consider giving it enough space to swing any which way.


This is the perfect hammock chair for many as long as you have the money and the space. It’s great for sol naps, and for human bonding. In fact, you can say that you’ll bond with this La Siesta Currambera Blueberry hammock chair too. It’s a fair bet that it’ll be everyone’s favorite chair in the house.

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