Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock Chair Review

If you check out the color schemes of numerous Hispanic hammocks from Mexico to Brazil, you will undoubtedly find numerous examples of truly wacky color combinations. They do all have this undeniable air of festive cheerfulness. 

Then we have this Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock. It looks inoffensive enough, it’s actually classily good, even—but there’s more to it than just its looks. That’s probably why it’s so popular with lots of people.

Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock Chair – What Is It?

The Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock is a hammock chair that you can hang indoors and outdoors. You hang it by a single point at the top, unlike hammock beds that you tie to posts at each end. The design up top looks like a clothes hanger, as it comes with a spreader bar with ropes from the hanging point going to both ends of the bar.

With the spreader bar, the canvas underneath it hangs open, so you can take a seat without having to manually open the chair like some sort of bag. It helps that it already has a back support cushion and a seat cushion to spread it out.

This is a hammock chair, so you’re meant to sit on this instead of lying down on it like it’s a bed. Because it’s suspended from a single point above, it dangles like a chandelier and you can swing in any direction.

The fabric of the hammock chair measures 38 inches long with the ropes not included. It is 35 inches wide, and about 17 inches deep for your thighs. The fabric is made with a blend of 65% cotton and 35%, which is a common enough ratio for polyester cotton.


Since you have a large amount of cotton in the fabric, this is quite a comfy chair to use. Cotton is breathable, after all. It also helps that it already nice cushions that match the blue and green color scheme of the fabric. The cushions keep the seat readily open, so you don’t have to unfold it first before you sit down.

It’s nicely stretchy and it can accommodate the size of kids and adults alike. Adults can sit up on this with their feet on the ground, while kids can curl up very comfortably for a nice relaxing nap. Even pets will find this a nice place to relax in.


The main reason for the use of the poly cotton blend is because polyester is quite tough. It’s very durable and less prone to tearing. As a whole, this entire hammock chair is meant for children and adults, as it’s rated to carry up to 265 pounds.

While the ropes and the fabric are good, the same can’t really be said for the wooden spreader bar. It’s 38 inches long, and with its 1.25-inch diameter it should have been more than adequate to bear lots of weight.

But numerous reports have surfaced about its fragility. It may bend noticeably, and even the most recent reviews have mentioned how it has broken for some people. It’s actually some sort of weak unfinished wood, and many of these spreader bars come with visible splits.

However, it’s easy enough to remove the rope from the wood and to insert a new pole as a replacement. Some have even removed the spreader bar completely and just used S-hooks for the two sides at the top.

The Look

If you have seen a lot of these hammock chairs, you may have noticed that many of them have this blue and green color combination going. Yes, it does look nice. But why is it so common?

There are many reasons to this. One is because, you have to admit, it’s not too tacky at all. It actually looks rather nice for adults. Place this hanging chair indoors and it’ll fit in nicely with your interior decoration. It offers a nice splash of color for beige and brown rooms, while it complements more colorful interior schemes.

Kids like the color combo too. It is nicely bright and festive.

It’s when you put it outdoors that you realize why the blue and green combo is so common. The blue reminds you of the sky, while the green is very outdoorsy as it is the color of plants and grass. When you put this back inside the house, you also have some outdoorsy element for your interior design.

Pros and Cons

There are several good reasons why so many like this.

  • It’s undoubtedly comfy. It’s easy to use and it’s very relaxing. This is especially true for kids and small adults, who fit inside it quite nicely. The fabric is also nicely soft.
  • It’s literally cool to sit here, since the cotton polyester blend is quite breathable.
  • It’s also very easy to hang up.
  • It does look great, whether you put it indoors or outdoors. It’s colorful without being too vulgar, and the color scheme is outdoorsy and cheerful.
  • The price is very attractive too. It may tempt you to buy several of these so people won’t fight over who gets to sit on it.

But there are some drawbacks that you need to be aware of as well.

  • There’s no hanging hardware.
  • The fabric may be water stain-resistant, but oil-based stains may be more difficult to remove.
  • That low-quality wooden spreader bar is annoying. You really should replace it, especially if you notice visible splits.

Conclusion Original Club Fun Hanging Hammock

All in all, this is actually a good buy despite the minor inconveniences. You can just hang it up anywhere you want as long as you have a handy place to hang it from. It’s also a very good idea to deal with that spreader bar problem as soon as possible.

But once you’ve put it up and replaced the spreader bar, it’s fantastic. It looks great and it’s very comfy to use. Kids will especially love these because it has more than enough space for them—and it can swing!

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